What is site-connect.net?
site-connect.net is a new flexible tool for users who are interested in promoting their web sites. The more a member participate on this site, the more visible that member's own site will be on site-connect.net. Some benefits includes:
  • Get site reviews from other members.
  • Stay on top of the list by ranking high in your site's category.
  • The higher your rank the more traffic you get from other member reviews.
  • Get exchange requests from other members.
  • Real-time verifications of exchanges.
  • Member can have many web sites and pages for each web site.
  • Feedback rating system.
  • Email alerts options.
  • Get your web sites reviewed by other members.
  • Private messaging system.
  • Simple user interface to request, verify, and manage your connections.

How does a site gets to be on the front page of site-connect.net?
Top ranking expert members sites will be shown on site-connect.net home page.

What are XPoints?
Also known as XP or Experience Points. The higher the XPoints, the higher the member's website ranks on this site. XPoints are can also be used on this site for a variety of things. The following is a table of usage:

Action XPoints
Every new member starts off with: +25
Everytime a member logins in every 12 hours: +5
For referring a new member: +100
Everytime a member verifies their email(every 1 days): +25
Everytime a member verifies their web sites(every 1 days): +10
For responding or refusing a request with 24 hour: +5
Review a website: +3
Getting a vote for a helpful review: +2
Reading an email sent by the system: +1
Every page impression on the Voting system: -5
Every exchange request costs: -1
Every new website added costs: -2
Every new Custom Category added costs: -10

How do I get more reviews for my site?
Our listing ranks sites by XP, so the more XP you have the more visible(higher) your site ranks. Also, verifying your site puts it in priority in the FastTrack.

How do I improve my sites ranking and get the most traffic on site-connect.net?
In general, the more XPoints a member have, the higher that member own sites will rank. Each member's web site can be allocated a certain percentage value of XPoints(XP). For example, if a member have 2 sites and 100 XPoints, that member can choose to have each site be allocated with 50 XPoints each or any other amount total up to 100 XPoints. The higher the allocation, the higher that site will rank in its category. More XPoints equals more reviews, therefore more traffic.

Here are ways a member can earn XPoints:
  • Every website reviewed by member (max 200 reviews per 12 hours): 3 XP
  • Getting a vote for a helpful review: 2 XP
  • Everytime a member logs in per 12 hour period: 5 XP
  • Everytime a member verifies their email(every 1 days): 25 XP
  • Everytime a member verifies their web sites(every 1 days): 10 XP
  • Each new member referred: 100 XP
  • Response to an exchange within 24 hours(either agree or refuse): 5 XP
  • Reading an email sent by the system: 1
The best and most efficient way to earn XPoints is to review websites.

What is the Review Rating?
The member's Review Rating score how quality are the website reviews written by each member. Many factors are included in evaluating this rating, which includes other member voting it as a helpful review, the length of the review, and how many reviews are written by the member. It is updated on a daily basis. The best rating a member can get is 100%. Most importantly, reviews written by a member with a high review rating are shown first for each website.

What is a Snippet?
On this site, a Snippet is any html code. This can be a link or article that you would like to put on another member's website. Many Snippets are added for each member.

What is a Connection?
An connection keeps tracks of an agreement between two members. It starts out an a request from one member to another. The responding member can either refuse the exchange or accept it.

Why isn't my exchange verifying?
The html snippet has to be exactly the same on your link page. Some CMS adds extra markup text if you're adding it through them. Here is how you can check for yourself to confirm:
  1. After you've already added snippet to your page, right click on the page and select 'View Source' in Internet Explorer or 'View Page Source' on Firefox.
  2. Locate the snippet html and compare it with the one on our system.

What is web site verification?
You can verify your website every 1 days for 10 XP each time. Also, verifying your site will put your site on top on the list in the recomended reviews . The average verified website gets 5 times or more reviews than a non-verified one.

There are 2 options to verify a site:

The member can add http://site-connect.net/YourUserLogin to the homepage(this is the url the site was registered with) of their web site. This text can be anywhere on that page, even comments, this is a sample:

After completing the above, click on the Verify link for your sites to get your 10 XP.

Why is my site in manual review?
To maintain a high quality service, some sites may be put in manual review for it to be listed on this site. Reasons could be that the site is of low pagerank, or a user resport it as offensive.

How the referal program works?
If you like using this site and want your friends to use this site, please use the referal program. When you refer someone they get an email asking them to register. If they register you will get the referal 100 XPoints. You can refer as many times as you want.

Ways to refer a new member:
  • Add a link on any page: <a href="http://site-connect.net/YourUserLogin" >Review My Site</a>
    When a anyone clicks on the link and register you get the referral.
  • Use http://site-connect.net/YourUserLogin?r=1
    When a anyone goes to this url directly you get the referral. This is good for forum post, emails, social networking, etc...
  • Click on the "Refer" button located on the top on this site.
    An email will be sent to that person asking them to join.
You can check who you referred on your profile page.

What types of web sites can join?
We accept most quality web sites and blogs.

Prohibited sites:
  • Adult content
  • Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content
  • Violent content
  • Illegal content

Is there a cost or fee for using this site?
No. This service is completely free. If you think this site is helpful, please add a link to it on your page. It will help grow the community.

What are Pages?
On this site, pages are for which you would be willing to put another member's Snippet on. Many pages are added for each website.

How does the feedback system work?
The feedback system is design to help users make good decision when requesting for an exchange. Feedback can only be left on a user when the exchange have been agreed by both sides. Once a feedback is left it can be changed during an exchange. If the exchange is canceled, a feedback can be changed within 7 days. After the cancellation and 7 days, the feedback can no longer be changed.

What happens when a member report a site for removal from the listing?
We want our listing to be of the highest quality. Each member can vote for a site to be removed from our listing. If a site have reached a certain amount of votes it will automatically be removed from the listing.

Can I use this site without putting my site in the listing?
Yes. When setting up your web site, there is an option to have it show or not show in the listing. You will not get any requests for exchange if your site is not in the listing.

Why is my website screen shots(thumnail snapshot) not showing up?
Some sites snapshots may not be available because it is relatively new. The site shots are updated periodically by another site that we have no control over. However you can upload your own by going to your website and selecting the 'Snapshot' link.

What if I can't find a category that fits my site?
You can create a Custom Category. It's important to know that when creating a Custom Category you should not create a category that already exists. If a category has too few websites it maybe be removed and it's websites will be moved else where such as Miscellaneous.

Who are admins and what can admins do?
Admins are the top members with the highest XP. Currently admins can perform these functions:
  • Remove a website from listing
  • Remove a website from Review FastTrack only
  • Change a website's category
  • Suspend a user
If you're an admin and you want to access these functions, go to your Account->Admin.